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Which Parental Control Software Will Completely Block Questionable Content Sites and Monitor All Internet Activity The Best? Did you know with parental software you can block and monitor all internet activity on your computer? In fact with good parental control software you can monitor websites visited, keystrokes typed, emails sent and received, instant messages and chats, word and excel documents, applications used, restrict certain web browsing habits and take screenshots… Seems too good to be true? We’ll that’s what we thought so, we had our editors spend the last 2 weeks testing different types of parental software to find out what works the best. Here’s what we did… To test out the different programs, we wanted to simulate what real online/computer habits would be. To do this we used a few different types of computer activity - we used  typical email and chat user habits, pornographic and inappropriate habits (adult sites, violent sites, questionable content, hate sites) worked on files (word and excel)  – as well as social networking site habits like Myspace and Facebook. We did this so our test systems would be similar to what your system might look like on a regular basis, plus a little more to make sure.

Our results were quite disappointing.

Many of the programs we tested were not able to do stuff that they claimed they could. Some programs were so bad they only did basic things like record emails and chat records from our testing habits. Not good. If you do decide to get parental control software, make sure you do not use anything without a good reputation. However, all is not lost. We did find some that were able to keep us off questionable content sites we tried to access.

Some of these programs were so good they were able to block us from getting on any explicit sites (pornography, hate, and inappropriate sites) while monitoring social networking activity – as well as worked on files (excel and word etc. Collaborative online tools, ) chat messages and emails were also recorded.

And, the top program did this all without a single issue. If you want to be completely sure of blocking certain sites and monitoring activity, these are the programs to use Web Watcher is hands down the best parental control software we have seen. This program was able to keep us off of everything we should not have been looking at. If you want the best WebWatcher is it. , management tracking tools Blocks pornography, website filtering, social network site reports, time control, IM analysis, ‘allowed’ or ‘blocked’ customizable lists.

You can monitor activity from anywhere anytime. Web Watcher is, team task management software, a simple click-to install software. Once installed all the functions of this program are clearly marked and easy to use.

It wont take long to get used to. This version currently works with all major browsers Including Internet Explorer and Firfox and all available search engines. , online team collaboration PC Net Nanny is a secure Control Program. It is able to keep your children protected while monitoring there habits online to keep you at ease.

A great Parental Control Software. The product fares well in this section with Email recording, IM recording, Keystroke logging, website monitoring and blocking, content filtering takes screenshots. Quite an easy program to use with a quick set up. Buttons and tabs are simple and obvious making it a great choice for a computer novice.

What are collaboration tools, works with all search engines and with Internet Explorer as well as Firefox. PC and Mac. Perfect for Mac only users.

Our third choice but never the less a good product. This program does a great job erasing personal files but lacks the versatility our top pick has. It also falls last because of its lack of updates. Easy to set up and install. However only accessible from the computers the software is installed on.

Works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Works with all mojor search engines.

PC CyberSitter is an older software that was the leading Parental Control Software in the beggining of this kind of softwares conseption. The quality of this software is a bit outdated for us.

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