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We all know that having the proper software can increase the productivity of your small business. So to prevent from spending money on software you may not need, allocate time to figure out what your software needs are. The following list includes the best software for small business: Collaboration software Central Desktop – helps businesses save time, cut costs and manage daily work activities. It also allows users to find and share files faster and it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Central Desktop is a flexible, easy-to-use collaboration platform for your business that is perfect for project management, creating team intranets, audio conferencing, and group workspaces. www.

centraldesktop.com Video Conferencing VSee – is a video conferencing and application sharing tool. It allows up to 6 people to have a video chat at the same time.

Keep track of tasks and projects, you can also live edit and annotate documents and share information or any application on your desktop. You can use it for everyday communication, not just scheduled meetings in the conference room. Instant Messaging Yahoo Messenger – is a free instant messaging and video conferencing tool. It’s available for MAC, PC, Linux and can also be used for file transfer purposes.

Swap photos and files in real-time. Plus enjoy voice calls and webcam video. , cloud based collaboration Office Documents Microsoft Office is the most favored series of business productivity software. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook.

Desktop Publishing & Design Adobe InDesign is adesktop publishing package that is useful for designing promotional materials and newsletters for your business. Create and design professional layouts for print and digital publishing.

CRM Contact Management ACT is a Contact and Customer Relationship Management Software. It enables individuals and teams to instantly access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritize activities, track all contact-related communications, and grow productive business relationships. VOIP – Telephone Skype + Speakeasy – Voice over IP (internet protocol) is essentially the transmission of your voice through the internet rather than the customary phone line. Services like Skype and Speakeasy offer an exponentially cheaper means to keep your company connected, regardless of magnitude. Email Marketing Constant Contact is email marketing software that makes it easy to create professional HTML email campaigns with no tech skills. The regular monthly fees are quite reasonable; $15 USD for an email list of up to 500 contacts.

Invoicing Freshbooks tracks man hours, cloud collaboration market, and overall productivity as well as invoices. You no longer have to waste paid labor rummaging through file cabinets for a time sheet that dates back to Reaganomics. Searching through backlogs has been reduced to a quick query in a search engine – something any virtual assistant or business will appreciate. And there you have it! There‘s tons of software available that’s geared toward small businesses. And, the good news is, many of them offer a free trial period which allows you to test their product before paying a subscription fee.

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